Local 831 Fundraising Efforts Honored in Washington, DC



IAM Local 831 won three prestigious awards for the local members tremendous fundraising efforts in the year of 2011. The awards ceremony was held in Washington, DC during the week of February 20-24, 2012.


Local 831 Award Photo

(From left to right) COS Rod Hoffman, IP R. Thomas Buffenbarger, DBR Joe Ironside, GVP Philip J. Gruber
GST Robert Roach, GVP Rich Michalski, ADBR John Herrig, and GLR Steve Nickel


Receiving the awards for Local 831 and the state of Iowa, were IAM District 6 Directing Business Representative Joe Ironside and Assistant Directing Business Representative John Herrig.


This year Local 831 received awards for being 1st in the top percentage of Sponsoring Members Among All Local Lodges With Over 100 and Under 1,000 Dues Paying Members to MNPL in 2011, 2nd Among All Affiliated Local Lodges With Over 100 Members in Cents Per Member in 2011, and Iowa received the 2nd place award Among All States in Cents Per Member for 2011.


IAM Local 831 consistently ranks among the top fundraising locals in the country. We hope to continue our successful fundraising efforts in 2012.